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March 2018



The Collins dictionary describes an Apostle as “one of the 12 disciples called by Jesus to preach the Gospel” Yet the Bible identifies 3 groups or types of Apostles.

1. Jesus Christ is described as “The Great Apostle”
2. Those who were indeed part of the original 12 disciples.
3. Those who are described as “Post Ascension Apostles” in other words those appointed after Jesus had ascended to heaven.

The Bible references at least 9 other Apostles by name ministering during the 1st century. Many believe that Apostles no longer exist, however Paul makes it clear in Ephesians 2:20 and 4:11-16 that Apostles are still a necessary and integral part of church life and health. While there may be many “self appointed Apostles” the Bible gives us clear characteristics that help us discern true Apostles. The word Apostle means “sent one” One who goes and changes the culture of the community he is in.

What do Apostles do?
• They minister with regular demonstrations of miracles, signs and wonders;
• They have an ability to persevere against all odds;
• They recognize, train and release Elders;
• They plant New Testament Grace filled churches;
• They know how to build solid foundations into the church;
• They carry a vision that is beyond the local church, a vision for nations being won;
• They can identify and correct legalism, bringing freedom and liberty;
• They help to “parent” churches;
• They correct doctrinal “off-centeredness”;
• They identify and build travelling teams to minister in regions beyond the local church.

This month we have the privilege of having Rob Rufus with us. I first met them way back in 1990. At that time Rob & Glenda were leading a church that they had planted in Pinetown South Africa. They had started that church from scratch only a few years after being saved out of a Hindu Ashram. The church grew quickly to 600 people, buying land and building a beautiful facility where many were saved, healed, equipped and released to the nations. In 1991 Rob and Glenda moved to Adelaide to be a part of the Coastlands church and then transitioned into the Lead Eldership role in 1995 and led that church until 2001. In that time the church grew from 500 to almost 1400 people. Miracles, signs and wonders became a normal expectation, the church began impacting people with the goodness and glory of God becoming a genuine influence in the city.

In 2004 they moved to Hong Kong where they planted City Church International, reaching the Hong Kong people and moving out into mainline China. For 27 plus years we have had the privilege of knowing and observing this couple, travelling and ministering with them in
countries all around the world. Rob’s books and podcasts are now reaching 10s of 1000s in 100s of nations, changing lives and bringing the liberty that comes with the grace of God. I believe Rob is truly a modern day Apostle, although he also carries a very strong Evangelistic and Prophetic anointing, as well as being one of the best teachers I’ve ever heard.

DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to have this ministry impact your life … come expecting and ready to receive – tell your friends – do a letter box drop – help us impact our city for Jesus!


Below is a prophetic word from Robyn Ide given on 13-8-2017.

There is an assignment from the enemy that has come to try and halt, stop, and abort what God is bringing through to you and for you. The devil is roaring loudly with fear, dread, lies and misery, speaking the opposite of what the Lord is speaking. Though you cannot see all that is transpiring, God is doing so much more behind the scenes, far more than you know where your heart’s desires and promises are going to be fulfilled simultaneously.

The death grip of the enemy is going to break off completely. You are going to step into a fulfillment of your destiny with added increase more than before, the abundance is coming to you. Where the enemy has been playing and toying with your mind to get you into agreement with his lies or just to get you to throw in the towel...hold on! Do not give in or partner with the enemy and his lies.

I saw a picture of a birthday party, I noticed there were balloons all around the room and written on the balloons was TNT, we all know what TNT means - dynamite, explosives! I believe from this picture God is saying we are standing on a landmine of explosive breakthrough! The Lord has been working behind the scenes setting up these great displays of his power, restoration, increase, multiplication and goodness towards you! So hold on, do not despair, you are at the brink of an explosive breakthrough! John 10:10 “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; i have come that may have life, and have it to the full.”

His abundant life is getting ready to explode into your life.


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