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November 2017


The Road to Greatness is Humility

Sometime ago God spoke to me about seeing and sustaining the Supernatural glories of heaven manifest among us. This has been a deep desire of mine for many years and something I believe we at Freedom Life are destined to see. As I have continued to pray and seek this, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me that two critical factors are faith and humility.

Faith for the Christian is as essential as the very air we breathe. Without faith we cannot see the glories of heaven manifest on earth. However the nature of faith is understanding it is not of ourselves but of God. He is the author, activator and perfecter of faith. True faith therefore operates from an attitude of humility.

Of all the virtues Christ commended in the Beatitudes, it is significant that the first is humility, being “poor in spirit” (Matt. 5:3). that underlies all the others. It’s an understanding that we cannot do anything without relying upon the Holy Spirit. Paul also understood this when he told us to have the same attitude of Jesus, one of humble servant-hood. (Phil 2:)

You cannot mourn (Matt. 5:4) without appreciating how insufficient you are to handle life in your own strength. That is humility.

You cannot be meek (Matt. 5:5) unless you have needed gentleness yourself. Knowing that need is humility.

You cannot hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matt.5:6) if you proudly think of yourself as already righteous. Longing to fill that spiritual appetite demands humility. In a parable that Luke recorded, a humble tax collector prayed, “God, be merciful to me a sinner!” He went away justified, unlike a proud Pharisee who boasted of his righteousness (Luke 18:13).

You cannot be merciful (Matt. 5:7) without recognizing your own need for mercy. Jesus said that it’s the person who is forgiven much that loves much (Luke 7:47). To confess your sin and ask God and others for forgiveness takes humility.

You cannot be pure in heart (Matt. 5:8) if your heart is filled with pride. God promises to exalt the humble, not the proud (James 4:10).

You cannot be a peacemaker (Matt. 5:9) if you believe that you are always right. To admit your own fallibility takes humility. Peace results when both warring parties move toward each other.

Finally, identifying with Christ no matter what the reaction of others (Matt. 5:10–12) demands a certain death to yourself and a renunciation of your own rights. Standing up under persecution demands Christ-like humility.

What develops humility? Understanding God’s Unconditional love for us, Knowing who we are in Christ, Living healed from the rejection of others and becoming reliable and faithful in our service with a desire to see others blessed. We cannot minister to others if our concern is just about us looking good, our ego will never release or sustain a move of God. Faith & Humility are the key ingredients, let us give ourselves to develop these characteristics of Christ-likeness and be amazed at what God will
do. God Bless

3rd-5th November 2017 - Perth Convention Centre

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Below is a prophetic word from Robyn Ide given on 13-8-2017.

There is an assignment from the enemy that has come to try and halt, stop, and abort what God is bringing through to you and for you. The devil is roaring loudly with fear, dread, lies and misery, speaking the opposite of what the Lord is speaking. Though you cannot see all that is transpiring, God is doing so much more behind the scenes, far more than you know where your heart’s desires and promises are going to be fulfilled simultaneously.

The death grip of the enemy is going to break off completely. You are going to step into a fulfillment of your destiny with added increase more than before, the abundance is coming to you. Where the enemy has been playing and toying with your mind to get you into agreement with his lies or just to get you to throw in the towel...hold on! Do not give in or partner with the enemy and his lies.

I saw a picture of a birthday party, I noticed there were balloons all around the room and written on the balloons was TNT, we all know what TNT means - dynamite, explosives! I believe from this picture God is saying we are standing on a landmine of explosive breakthrough! The Lord has been working behind the scenes setting up these great displays of his power, restoration, increase, multiplication and goodness towards you! So hold on, do not despair, you are at the brink of an explosive breakthrough! John 10:10 “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; i have come that may have life, and have it to the full.”

His abundant life is getting ready to explode into your life.


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